Where to put the keywords?

Remember, the selection of keywords is not everything in the writing of your texts. You must also make sure that the selected phrases appear in the correct places, both in the content and in the code of the page.

Here are some general rules for keyword placement to prevent search engine bots from treating your text as spam:

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    The keyword is best placed at the beginning.


    Use subtitles in your texts (headings H1, H2, H3...) and include most of the key phrases in them. The H1 heading is the most important and should be used only once (for example, only the title of the article), the rest of the headings can appear several times throughout the text.


    As a general rule, it is better to use a given word at least once in a paragraph, unless it makes the text seem unnatural and the repetitions too frequent. This is where keyword synonyms come in handy. Also remember that you can boldly decline keywords by chance, but if you must use the main form of the keywords in the nominative form, at least once or twice for the entire article.


    Each chart must have a full alt tag (this is alt text for uploaded charts); These are the basics of website optimization. Also, it is better if the graphic also has a keyword in the name, so don't save photos or images as "img10.jpg", "keyword chart.jpg" will definitely be better for ranking your article not only because of the text but also because of the image search. To do this, use subtitles for photos (tags) - of course, all in the most natural and real way, do not use subtitles or tags that are not related to the content and keyword of your article.

    Meta tags (page description)

    Each text that appears on the page should be assigned a meta title and meta description (title and description). What you type there shows up in search results. If you use WordPress, thanks to the Yoast SEO plugin, you can quickly and conveniently add these meta tags to each post.

    Links to your items

    If you use keywords in your title, that's great, especially if the link to the article is based on that title. You can submit your link and shorten it if it seems too long. Very often I enter direct links to articles "with my finger", therefore, for the article Bet on readability! How to format the texts contained in the link / how-to-format-texts, that is, my key phrase. The shorter the links, the better (eg for SEO or readability).

    References and the title attribute

    If you mention other articles in your text, do not use "click here", "see" - try to include them descriptively with keywords, for example: Check how to write a good text, where the link is your keyword or simply the title of the article you are referring to. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to use the short , but try to do it as little as possible. Also, add the title attribute with the keyword to the link; Thanks to this, when you hover over a certain link, a balloon with that keyword will be displayed.

    By using the appropriate phrases in the above places, you will be able to provide your site with the most valuable visitors, that is, those who visit your site and can find what they were looking for on your site.

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