What is the time spent on the website and why is it important for SEO?

Choosing a suitable SEO strategy for your business means that you must familiarize yourself with all the factors that are relevant in the context of positioning. For those less familiar with the subject, one of the keys is the time the visitor spends on the site.

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    What is time of permanence in SEO?

    The definition that can be found most often says that the dwell time is the duration of the period that the user has spent staying on a given site , from the moment he clicks on a link which leads to him in the SERP, until he leaves the page. And re-entering the SERP.

    In other words, dwell time is simply about the time the user will spend on a specific page. As you can probably guess, the best scenario is that the user is on the site counted in minutes, because the time expressed in seconds… well, it's not the best.

    Qué es el tiempo de permanencia en SEO

    What is not the residence time?

    Anyone who is at least slightly familiar with the subject of SEO will surely know the term "bounce rate". It is an indicator of this type that shows the number of visits of visitors that have occurred in a given period of time. As you can see, dwell time and bounce rate are certainly not the same thing, so the two terms should not be confused or used interchangeably.

    What Does it affect the time spent on the website?

    Now that you know what dwell time is and what it shouldn't be confused with, you also need to figure out what factors affect how long a user spends on your site. Next, we talk more about it:

    Long and interesting content

    The first of these factors definitely seems very logical for dwell time. The more interesting the content the user finds on the website, the more likely it is that the visitor will be interested in it. However, if such engaging content requires spending time, say, a few minutes to read it, the Internet user will engage in such engagement and stay on the site longer! So write in such a way that you not only gain an audience, but also make them spend as much time as possible on your site!

    The longest form should be around 300 - 1200 characters, that size is optimal: the reader will not you will get bored and at the same time you will get the information you were looking for!

    Also remember to include the correct keywords in your content, provide verified and up-to-date information, and if you provide sources, consider whether they are of good quality and provide reliable information! since this will be a plus!

    Improve the user experience - UX

    The experience that you will provide to the user of your website is not only a good way to make the Internet user feel more comfortable, but also thanks to a clear navigation and a fast page load, you will make none of these factors scare them, and even encourage them to continue exploring your site. A satisfied user is also a guarantee that that person will not only come back to you, but can also recommend you, for example, to their friends!

    Remember the links!

    Offer your readers pages related to the topic you are writing about with links to other pages that you include in the text. Thanks to this, you will attract the user and he will spend more time not only browsing a page with the content that interests him, but also exploring the topic by following the links.

    Increase your commitment

    People who use the Internet love to chat and share their opinions and thoughts. Make it easier on your audience by adding a comments section to your website and gently prompting them into discussion. However, remember to moderate the content that other Internet users leave on their sites!

    In addition, try to respond to comments, participate in them and appreciate their commitment. Thanks to this, your recipients will feel appreciated!

    Make use of audiovisual media A good tip is to post materials not only on various topics, but also in various forms. The vast majority of people prefer audiovisual media, so try to place graphic materials (eg infographics, interesting photos) or videos on your website, for example as guides. In this way, you will not only interest the recipient, but also guarantee their presence on the site for at least a few minutes. A large number of experts affirm that the best duration of said material is between 15 Y 90 seconds.

    How to calculate the dwell time?

    First of all, you should know that there is no specific factor that can accurately determine it, so in order to calculate the most reliable time on the website, you should follow the instructions below:

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