What is personal branding and what are its benefits?

Although it is known that you only make the first impression once, you must take care of your image all the time. Remember that this affects not only your interpersonal relationships, but also your professional life.

An interesting social media profile or blog related to your passion can help you advance your career. If you already run a company, but your customers still don't know who is behind their logo, you should also think about using and growing your essence among brands.

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    Defining what Personal Branding is

    In a nutshell, personal branding is a marketing strategy that will allow you to build a consistent image and present it to your recipients. The concept of a marketing strategy may sound a bit serious and be associated with a corporation. However, it is necessary to emphasize that personal branding is not only applied to people at higher levels. It is also wrong to believe that a personal brand is important only for celebrities and politicians.

    Personal branding is for anyone who cares about their professional career. It is used by students, people looking for a new job, freelancers trying to stand out in the market or people in key positions for a certain company . What connects them? Each of them wants to build their reputation and be recognizable in their industry.

    The personal brand is much more than an image. To become an expert in your field, you must focus on continuous development and self-improvement. Science, character and personality are the three elements that make your brand coherent and authentic. If you are self-employed, a well-managed personal brand can give you professionalism. If you are an entrepreneur who runs a large company, personal branding will help you discover your human side.

    Surely you know Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Richard Branson, they are brands in themselves, not CEOs hiding behind their companies. You can become one of them as long as you do your personal branding lesson carefully.

    Why is it worth investing in a personal brand?

    One of the most accurate answers to this question is to make people want to do business with you before they meet you personally. Sometimes a brand can be so strong that customers even identify with the person behind it. They trust her, and, therefore, also the products she promotes. This way, you can gather an audience that is engaged with your brand and build stronger and longer lasting relationships with them.

    Satisfied and loyal customers are more likely to recommend your favorite products or services to others - in short, this type of free word of mouth marketing can bring many benefits to your business.

    A strong personal brand allows you to dictate financial terms

    Personal branding will also allow you to stand out from the crowd and beat the competition with your professionalism, which can translate into higher profits. If you gain a reputation, even the high price of your services will automatically take a backseat. Your customers will be willing to pay more for the quality, authenticity and story behind your brand.

    Purely sensible decisions will be replaced by purchases dictated by emotions, and the distance between the consumer and the company will be shortened. This is the essence of the increasingly popular model, popularly known as human-to-human. In addition, customers will start requesting your products themselves.

    Personal branding is also a motivation to act

    Another benefit that personal branding can bring you is a faster development of your business, but also of you as a human being. The personal brand is a great motivator to act. To earn the trust of customers, we must constantly improve our skills. As you learn, you will become aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to this, you will know what still remains to be worked on.

    You may also find that upgrading some skills is a waste of time and better to focus on a limited specialization. Also, it can be a great idea to attract new customers. To do this, you must learn and be open to changes; it will surely pay off in the future.

    beneficios de tu marca personal

    Remember that personal branding is also a tool for people who are just entering the labor market or want to change industries. If your career is at this point, try to gather as much experience as possible in the field that interests you.

    Follow the latest trends, participate in forums, create a blog: in this way, the recipients will begin to see you as an expert. It's an easy way to boost your confidence, build business contacts and get a job offer.

    The phases of creating a personal brand

    “Personal brand is what others say about you when you walk out of the room.” According to Jeff Bezos, the founder of the Amazon online store. Your essence among brands is based on how others perceive you. Therefore, the first thing you should do is consult your closest family or friends. It is also worth doing a little research about yourself on the Internet.

    In the next step, you must answer the question of who are you and why do you need a personal brand? Answering these questions will allow you to identify your advantages and disadvantages, where you are now, and the goal you are striving for. Also think about what distinguishes the service or product you offer. Perhaps thanks to this you will find a niche worth taking care of.

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