What characterizes a good SEO agency?

All the actions carried out by SEO agencies on their clients' websites have a great impact on the position of certain keywords in organic search results in Google. Professionally done website positioning makes it more visible to users who type specific phrases into the search engine window, which in turn translates into higher website conversion.

If you are wondering how to choose an SEO company or agency, in this article we will dispel your doubts.

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    What is an SEO agency?

    This is a team of experienced specialists dealing with the positioning of websites on Google. The team consists of marketing specialists, copywriters, experts in the field of improving the visibility of websites as well as programmers. Each of the aforementioned people is responsible for other elements of the positioning process, thanks to which they build a coherent whole, both in terms of knowledge and work results.

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    What to pay attention to when choosing an SEO agency?

    Are you wondering how to choose an SEO agency? First of all, it is worth knowing what such an agency does. SEO/SEM agencies carry out all the activities that help to position websites on the web. As a result, not only free traffic increases significantly, but also paid traffic. The activities of the SEO agency include:

    SEO Audit

    The first and most important element that is the responsibility of an SEO agency is an SEO audit. What is it about? The activities include a detailed analysis checking if a certain website is adequately prepared for positioning. Experienced specialists check the technical status of the website, check whether all guidelines have been met and whether the website has been properly optimized.

    In addition, an SEO agency reviews all the elements that affect the positioning of your website. The quality of the content placed on the subpages is also subject to examination.

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    SEO optimization

    Are you wondering how to choose an SEO company? You should pay attention to SEO optimization, as it is also on the side of the agency. It is a series of different types of work that make web positioning bring much better results.

    The positioning company cares, among others, about technical SEO. The website is equipped with a special SSL certificate - the sitemap and the robots.txt file receive the correct content. In addition, the scope of the tasks of the SEO agency also includes taking care of the correct navigation on the website and its responsiveness (RWD). The number of errors responsible for the display of messages , for example, on the loss of a page, it is reduced or eliminated completely.

    It should be added that the optimization is also applied to the content of the website, thanks to which all the content is matched correctly so that it is valuable for the search engine. Sub pages receive special tags and descriptions. However, that's not all: links between pages are introduced and graphics are optimized not only in terms of size, but also descriptions and titles.

    Content marketing

    The experienced SEO team also includes copywriters! It is thanks to them that the SEO agency is able to offer content marketing services. In short, it is specifically about creating substantive and engaging content for recipients that will not only have cognitive but also educational value. The professional and effective articles prepared by the editor hook Internet users, which in turn translates into a positive image of the company, brand, product or service.

    Content marketing includes but is not limited to blog articles, sponsored articles, texts for websites, and product and category descriptions in e-shops. All content is generated based on the value that the audience wants to transmit, as well as guidelines that facilitate their search on Google.

    Link Building

    As part of link building, an SEO agency helps increase traffic to your website. It should be noted that this is an extremely important element from the point of view of positioning. There are 2 types of links: internal and external.

    Internal links are used to link to a website: company blogs contain links that point to other posts. On the contrary, external links refer to the traffic that comes from the websites. External links can usually be found on social media, in user posts, or in comments on separate websites.

    Remember that valuable link sources make your site appreciated by both Internet users and search engines. Thanks to this solution, your position in search results increases.

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    Google ad campaigns

    The campaign within Google Ads allows you to place not only text ads, as well as image ads on many different websites. It's a great way to get quick results from your actions.

    However, it must be remembered that websites need both short-term and long-term results. Google Ads campaigns are a precise complement to the web positioning process. The integration of SEO activities and Google Ads campaigns makes it possible for Internet users coming from two different places to visit the website.

    On the other hand, this combination also causes a significant increase in conversion and, therefore, in the possibility of achieving commercial objectives.

    What to take into account when choosing an SEO agency?

    Are you wondering which SEO company will be the right choice? Before selecting an SEO agency, you must clearly define all the goals you want to achieve. Thanks to this assumption, it will be easier for you to find the right SEO agency. What else is worth considering? The fact is that SEO is a very broad field that encompasses many online marketing activities.

    How to choose an SEO agency? Pay attention to what tools are used.

    When choosing an SEO company, you should pay attention to things like:

    • Type of services provided
    • Recommendations and customer opinions
    • Experience
    • Agency portfolio
    • Flexible contract
    • Client Approach
    • Prices of individual services

    Once you find the right SEO agency and make an appointment, don't forget to ask about the aspects of the cooperation that are important to you. Thanks to the initial consultation, you will know the process and the techniques that will be used in the positioning of your website or company.

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