Google Analytics: why should you analyze your company's website?

Analytics is a website analytics tool provided by Google. Today, without proper analysis of website traffic, all advertising activities on the web may not bring the expected results. If you run a business, online store or blog, use Google Analytics. What can you win? What are the benefits of this tool? Next, we tell you:

The fundamental task of a website is to represent the company to potential customers on the Internet. It is, together with the logo, a distinctive seal, which is a key element in the construction of your image on the web.

In addition, the use of this Google Analytics tool to develop detailed analyzes on the web traffic that you can obtain with your website, from the follow-up of your visits to participating in the processes of purchase from online stores.

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    Valuable information for any business

    The main task of the Google Analytics tool is to track website traffic, sales and conversions. Among other things, Google Analyticstells you how visitors behave on your page and helps you identify which parts of your website attract and which repel potential customers. For people who run a business, this data is important when making marketing decisions.

    Thanks to Google Analytics you will learn:

    • How many sessions were generated on the website?
    • How many users are using the site?
    • What do they do users on the site?
    • What content of the site is the most popular?
    • Where do visitors come from ?

    Website sessions, ie user visits to the website, are clearly of key importance. They are counted from the time you enter the website until you change to another website and the number of new users, that is, new potential customers.

    The main advantages of Google Analytics

    The main reason why it is worthwhile to follow the statistics of a company's website is the opportunity to evaluate its effectiveness. Thanks to the Google Analytics tool, you will know who they are, where they come from, what their users are looking for and if they found what they expected on your website. This information will allow you to use the full potential of the website .

    The undoubted positives of using Google Analytics include:

    • The possibility of performing an in-depth analysis of the state of the website (page load speed, content analysis).
  1. Specifying how many new people entered the website at one time determined, how many converted, ie: purchase, newsletter subscription, pdf downloads, etc.
  2. Where website visitors come from (what region, city, country) these are demographics and sources (search engine, other websites, social networks).
  3. Information about how users behave, ie Behavior Flow.

    It is impossible to list all the advantages of Google Analytics. However, we must make it clear that this is a great digital tool that data helps you tailor your website to save money while increasing your business profits and website traffic.

    However, you must remember that only a reliable and correct interpretation of the data is the source of success for the growth of your website and the increase in your sales if you have an online store and want to increase your sales. So it is advisable to use the tool given by Google, since it specializes in giving you exact data about the traffic of your website in the main search engines.

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