Basic meta tags in web positioning: What you should know

If you are wondering what are meta tags or meta tags?, you are on the right web page to find out how the titles and tags work in each article of your website, as well as discover what their functions are with respect to web positioning.

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    What are meta-tags or meta tags?

    Meta tags are information for search engine robots contained in the code HTML of the page in the section


    Some meta tags play an important role in the process of optimizing a website for ranking. Some meta tags are also visible to users. But there are meta tags that are long gone and there is no point in using them. How to use meta tags for the benefit of your website and business?

    Meta tags: How to use them?

    There are many meta tags that you don't need on your website because they are of no benefit. Some will say that they can even generate losses. There are meta tags that are only recognized by Bing bots, which is very useless in many countries.

    What are title meta tags?

    In a nutshell it is the title of the website. The meta title is designed to tell search engine bots what a specific subpage is about, but it's worth knowing that nowadays day Google extracts information from all the content of the page.

    This is one of the meta tags that are important for the positioning of the website. This does not mean that you will position your website or store with the "title" tag itself . This is one of the essential elements of SEO, but it is definitely not enough.

    The title tag is added to the main section of the website. It is also one of the few meta tags that are visible to the user, in the form of a page title in Google search results, when hovering over a browser tab, and in shares, for example, on social networks.

    Title tag an SEO

    How to write the title tag so that it combines two functions: support positioning and add value to the user? The SEO-optimized title tag must contain the keyword phrase. However, as everywhere, moderation is also important here.

    In addition to the phrase in the title, it is also worth including the name of your company, to strengthen the positioning of your brand on Google.

    How to write the meta title?

    The length of the meta-title should be chosen based on the main origin of the users. It differentiates between mobile and desktop devices. It is essential to know that although the length of the title is specified in number of characters, it actually takes pixels into account. The optimal length of the title tag is 100 characters. On a mobile device, this can be even less. Remember that this data is subject to change, so it pays to closely monitor how the search results look.

    Each subpage of your website should have its own unique title meta tags that reliably and attractively present the content of a given subpage. And here we come to the aspect of the user in the context of the meta-title. When writing your title, keep in mind that it has a significant impact if a user clicks on a link to your page from search results .

    On the other hand, it's not worth going in the direction of clickbait titles, because they motivate you to click, but not necessarily to stay on the site and engage. User behavior is one of the factors that have been discussed recently. Google is supposed to quickly treat the website as a sign that the website is of poor quality. Therefore, uses the title tag to encourage, but not mislead, its audience.

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